Three ways property managers can reduce energy costs

How can property managers avoid unnecessary billing?

By Sophie Wyatt

22 February 2021

Heat networks currently provide around 2% of the UK’s heat demand. But they could potentially meet a fifth of the country’s heat demand by 2050. And as climate change becomes more apparent world-wide, it is essential that sustainable options are fully utilised.

The UK government has announced a £19.1 million cash boost to heat networks, as they aim to supply low carbon heating to thousands of homes and buildings across the country. The cash boost will also help to develop two new heat networks in Bristol and three across London, Worthing and Liverpool. This will help to revolutionise heat networks around the country, and have a positive impact on UK households.

But in the meantime, how can you avoid unnecessary billing headaches?

Install sub-metering

Installing sub-metering can bring benefits for both landlords and tenants. Not only does this allow tenants to access their energy consumption data, it can also enhance sustainability. By improving at an environmental, social and governance (ESG) level, environmentally conscious investors and clients will be more inclined to use your services.

By incorporating sub-metering into a business plan, property managers can also gain insights from energy benchmarking and reporting. This data also helps you to gauge how well you stack up against the competition.

Develop effective billing

Billings can apply to one or more communally supplied utility (such as heating, hot water, or cooling). By utilising remote monitoring and data collection software, a business can accurately choose timely billing services for all residential and commercial tenants.

Billing disputes are one of the biggest tenant billing challenges for property managers. This is largely due to unclear or inaccurate billing. The reasons for this vary from ineffective metering technology to human error. An automatic meter reading (AMR) set-up can help reduce the likelihood of this occurring. At Welcome, our expert team are on hand to help you integrate AMR into your business strategy.

Keep up with new regulations

As the UK government continues to push the country towards its net zero targets, a consistent stream of legislation has begun to emerge. This can be daunting to keep up with, but with the right guidance, the funding and legislation on offer can bring great benefits across industry.

At Welcome Energy, we are fully compliant with the district and communal Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations (2014). Get in touch to find out how we can help you to become compliant.

Helping Savills plc to reach peak energy efficiency

Savills plc is a renowned global real estate services provider, and a UK-listed company. With an international network of more than 700 offices and associates, the business offers a broad range of specialist advisory, management and transactional services to clients worldwide.

At Welcome Energy, we were able to analyse their business operations and help them to become more energy efficient and save money.

Savills faced a range of issues:

  • The Westminster Quarter development hadn’t been billed for some time.
  • The site was split into three blocks, and was managed by three different companies that lacked clear lines of communication.
  • The onsite pay-as-you-go metering had broken down.

Our solutions:

  • We completed a free AMR site survey to determine the best option for extracting data from the installed hardware.
  • We reviewed historic running costs and set the tariff accordingly – ensuring residents were accurately billed based upon usage.
  • We used the already installed equipment to gather data, preventing any unwanted additional costs for Savills.

How can Welcome Energy help you?

Reducing waste, cutting emissions and becoming environmentally friendly are just some of the benefits of becoming efficient. And with a range of funding schemes and money saving solutions, why wouldn’t you want to become more efficient?

At Welcome Energy, we understand that becoming compliant and efficient can seem daunting. But we are here to help. Our years of experience and expert knowledge of metering and tenant billing means that we can provide the best possible service for our clients. We offer advice and guidance on everything – from energy efficiency to comprehensive billing.

Get in touch to find out how Welcome Energy can help you take your first steps towards a sustainable future.



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