Three tips for boosting your energy efficiency

How can you boost your energy efficiency?

By Sophie Wyatt

 5th May 2022

Aside from playing an important role in decarbonising the UK’s buildings and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, becoming energy efficient can bring numerous benefits. This is especially true for developing businesses. As clients turn towards future-proofing themselves and prioritising sustainability, it is essential that businesses from every sector focus on energy efficiency.

From a business perspective, it also prudent to mitigate climate risks – and this will become even more vital as companies compete to secure funding in the future. It is clear that energy efficiency is now an essential part of any organisation’s profitable path to net zero.

So, how can businesses become more energy efficient?

Keeping up with regulations

Keeping on top of the steady stream of new legislation released by the government each year can seem difficult and daunting. But with the right help, you can meet compliance standards efficiently – and this will also bring a number of benefits.

Compliance can be achieved through various options, such as:

  • Efficient energy management and reporting.
  • Green procurement.
  • Smart metering and monitoring.

Step one is to attain a full understanding about the standards that apply to your company. Step two is ensuring that there is no unnecessary duplication of paperwork, as you take steps to reach these targets. We can also help you to streamline compliance with various regulations, avoiding duplication of effort.

Automated Meter Readings

AMR (Advanced Meter Reading) devices fall into three categories: advanced meters, data loggers and gas-embedded meters. The common factor is that each of these automatically communicate their findings to your energy suppliers, removing the need for manual meter readings.

Carrying out automated meter readings frees up a company’s time – time which can be spent elsewhere within the business. It also provides the opportunity to cut down on your energy consumption, and your business will cut down on costs as a result.

At Welcome Energy we can provide AMR solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

We offer:

  • Advice on initial planning and design of AMR networks.
  • Supply and installation of advance AMR compatible heat meters as well as hot/cold water, electricity and gas meters compatible with various network platforms.
  • Full integration with our billing and revenue management systems.

Regular reporting

Once you have collected your meter readings, the next step is understanding them and setting up regular reports. Only by keeping track of peaks and troughs can a business fully understand how – and where – they can reduce their energy consumption.

UK legislation now requires many businesses to publish regular reports. But for those who are not required to do this, it can still be widely beneficial. For example, many billing disputes arise due to a lack of information – often at the supplier end – which leads to miscalculation and unhappy residents.

This is where metering and reporting comes in. Providing real-time data to suppliers based on current usage, rather than historical patterns, means that customers will only be charged for the units they’ve actually used. This is far preferable to charging customers based on predicted usage.

How can we help?

At Welcome, we offer advice and guidance on a range of energy saving solutions, helping to improve your energy efficiency as well as offering AMR solutions tailored to your requirements.

We have experience in metering and billing solutions for district heat networks, that is fully compliant with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014. Our team is on hand to ensure that you achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Get in touch today, and find out how we can help you to become more sustainable.



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