Refund policy

  • If you are over £5 in credit after paying for 12 months, we can refund any credit balance to you as long as your account is using an up to date meter reading.
    We recommend that if you have a credit balance and your account is less than 12 months old that we adjust your monthly payments to use that credit balance in addition to your normal payments to meet your account charges.
  • If your account is less than £5 in credit, we will not complete the refund unless you have moved out of the property and a confirmed final bill (using a valid meter reading) is generated showing your account balance as being in credit.
  • If a card payment is processed for a higher amount than expected (either when entered by yourself online, or by a staff member) then the overpayment amount only will be refunded to your card, with the correct payment amount retained as intended. if paid twice, one payment will be refunded. Credit refunds will be completed by bank transfer to a designated account that must be in your name.
To request a refund, please contact our office either by telephone – 0203 744 9518– or by email to so that we can confirm the necessary details before any refund is completed.



Our offices will be closed for the Bank Holiday (Monday 29 August 2022).
If you have a query, please contact us from Tuesday 30 August onwards, and we
will be happy to deal with your query then.
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