About One Housing

One Housing’s goal is to help people to live better. They do this by developing quality homes for people who may otherwise struggle to afford a place to live, providing care and support to approximately 9,000 people in the community. They also provide a range of services to support their customers to live as independently as possible. They fund all of this by building and selling homes on the open market.

Customer challenges

Part of One Housing’s residents had not been billed

for their cold water usage for over two years

A small proportion of the tenants were billed incorrectly

and directly by the water supplier

Residents were not billed

on actual meter readings

Eon run the building management system

and collect the cold water meter readings, which they send to us on a monthly basis

The landlords cold water supply is paid

by the building owners. We have been employed to recover One Housing’s portion directly from their tenants

Most tenants had not been billed for their cold water usage

for over two years. By using the OFWAT guidelines we back-billed the residents for their usage for the previous 16 month period

A small number of the tenants had been incorrectly billed

by the water supplier. Being sub-metered properties, they should not have been billed directly by them. We have helped to recover the residents’ money from the supplier

We set up payment plans

for the residents who did not have the funds to pay the back-dated billing all at once

Our solutions


“I write with reference to Welcome Energy to recommend their services, for the installation and monitoring of communal heat meters in your upcoming tender process. We currently work with Welcome Energy across a number of our new developments and have a good working relationship. 

We will be using their services in some of our other developments, where historically the implementation of metering and billing services has been challenging. In preparing to take this on, I can say that Welcome Energy have an engaging and flexible approach, which has been helpful in resolving many long standing issues. 

On a personal note, in my dealings with Welcome Energy, I have always been confident in their knowledge and judgment and have sought their unbiased input, even with regards to sites where they are not the primary service provider.”

Wayne Griffith
– Contract Services Manager,  One Housing

One Housing are now recovering the funds they paid out to the site landlord for their cold water usage

The residents are now receiving actual water bills on a quarterly basis

The residents are now able to check their usage on their bills against the meter inside their property

The bills being issued are fully compliant with OFWAT regulations

Client success
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