Four benefits of sub-metering

How can sub-metering benefit you?

By Sophie Wyatt

24 February 2021

Efficient energy management is now a vital practice amongst organisations operating large buildings, campuses, and multi-site facilities. To manage energy successfully, you need detailed information about how that energy is used. Businesses need to understand exactly how and where energy is consumed on their properties.

Submetering allows a business to monitor energy consumption on individual sites. This can help to identify significant issues such as faulty or inefficient equipment. By spotting these inefficiencies, business owners and property managers can reduce financial and environmental risks.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways sub-metering can benefit a business.

Get ahead of the competition

Sub-metering allows businesses to not only compare their energy consumption on different sites, but also against the competition. Staying ahead of the curve can help businesses to become sustainable quickly, while also providing opportunities to broaden your client base.

Competition between businesses is not new, but ‘greener’ businesses do have an added advantage. As customers turn towards more sustainable options to reduce their energy consumption, it is vital that companies’ future-proof their green plans.

By benchmarking and reporting energy and water data through sub-metering, energy and sustainability managers can see how their sustainability targets measure with the competition. Sub-metering provides crucial energy data that can help you to meet sustainability targets, such as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Stay sustainable

As we strive towards net zero, innovative and sustainable energy management tools will become essential. Sub-metering is an ideal way to identify waste and inefficiency. Only once we have identified areas of inefficiency, we can target this consumption – and lessen our impact on the environment.

Sub-metering allows you to hone in on those energy intensive areas that waste money and work inefficiently. Money saved by cutting out overheads can be redistributed elsewhere in the company, or invested into sustainability initiatives. Sub-metering provides visibility into how and when energy is consumed, giving key decision-makers the tools, they need to identify inefficiencies – so they can take action to curb waste.

Optimise your energy performance

Sub-metering uses monitoring, verification and performance reports to track expected savings. Ongoing performance monitoring provides reassurance that your systems are continuing to deliver successful results. By installing metering devices throughout sites and on equipment, you gain access to detailed monitoring and reporting. This in turn gives site managers the chance to regain control over their energy usage.

Optimising your business’s performance through smart energy management can reduce overheads and increase profit. Profiting areas of high energy usage provides us with a clearer picture. We can then advise as to which energy solutions would be best suited to you. These bespoke solutions are tailored to your needs – as we help you to reduce carbon emissions, cut down on your overheads, and fast-track your business towards net zero. 

Give tenants insights into energy consumption

Gaining insights into their consumption levels, tenants are able to see how their behaviour impacts upon their utility bills. Any sustainability efforts they make will become apparent in the energy consumption data. These insights motivate tenants to reduce their energy consumption – by making simple adjustments to areas such as heating during off-peak-hours.

Sub-metering tenant spaces will help those tenants to make informed efficiency decisions. These efforts also make buildings more sustainable – and your equipment and machinery will last longer too.

How can Welcome help?

At Welcome, we offer advice and guidance on a range of energy saving solutions, helping to improve your energy efficiency as well as offering comprehensive billing services.

We have experience in metering and billing solutions for district heat networks, that is fully compliant with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014. Our team is on hand to ensure that you achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Get in touch today, and find out how we can help you to become more sustainable.



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