AMR MBUS support services

One of the biggest issues we see in the industry is AMR MBUS networks which are incorrectly installed, poorly repaired or not maintained.

A majority of the time this is down to a simple lack of understanding.

At Welcome Energy, we have dedicated engineers who specialise in MBUS AMR networks.

We offer:

  • Initial planning advice including specifications which can be added to your design specifications or frameworks
  • Advice on appropriate meters for differing metering applications
  • Investigation of failed meters and failed MBUS networks
  • Replacement of failed meters
  • Repairs to MBUS networks
  • Advice on internet connectivity and assistance in setup
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Our offices will be closed for the Bank Holiday (Monday 29 August 2022).
If you have a query, please contact us from Tuesday 30 August onwards, and we
will be happy to deal with your query then.
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